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Mali is simply the best. My sister and I happened upon her salon by chance, and we are so glad we did! Mali is warm and friendly, and her salon is very inviting. More than anything, she is great to talk to, and now 'going to get waxed' is enjoyable. We love Mali!

- Chloe, Client

Mali is an outstanding waxer. I used to go to different waxers every month before I met Mali and experienced the difference- Mali's waxing is less painful (almost painless!) and the work is always beautiful, I don't trust anyone else with my eyebrows now! Her shop is attractive and Mali herself is always great company while she re-shapes my brows. She's the very best and all my friends I've sent to her agree.

- Alexandra May, Client

Mali uses wax that is appropriate for even the most sensitive skin. She enthusiastically supplies her customers with great tips. Your nose will be lightly tickled with an assortment of essential oils as you enter her salon. If you are a first-time waxer she will make you feel at ease with her great sense of humor. She is a top of the line esthetician, who is extremely supportive and will work within your comfort level.

- Annie Rothman, Client

She used high quality (and great smelling) products, had a very nice room with soothing background music, was very gentle with her technique, and included a really nice amount of time on massage....I would highly recommend Mali - definitely give this place a try if you are looking for a great facial

-Naomi A, Client

Mali gives me the most professional and pain free wax treatment I've ever had. I've tried a number of places in the bay area and she is by far the best.

-Liz Lee, Client

Delighted to find Mali! Very thorough facial work (love those extractions) combined with a lovely touch and terrific products. She was very gracious about a timing mix up, and even found extra time for an add-on treatment I thought I couldn't squeeze in.

-Diane G, Client

All in all Mali is AMAZING. Nobody but Mali will ever get near my eyebrows again.

-Jen N., Client

Having received the best and most thorough full-body wax of my life from Mali I can not fathom allowing anyone else near me with hot wax ever again...Mali could not come more highly recommended!

-Amanda B. Berkeley, CA