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We provide a variety of facial treatment options and products, including:

  • Facial masks
  • Peeling facial
  • Lifting facial
  • Oxygen facial
  • Facial products
  • Facial peel
  • Facial skincare

A facial is a deep cleansing and moisturizing process for all types of skin. It keeps your skin soft and gives you a vibrant look. We also offer other options that include

  • Facial with peeling
  • Facial with electro knoll treatment
Malimor Skin Care
Malimor Skin Care

Electro Knoll is a Botox-like replacement treatment that fills the skin with moisture and has anti-wrinkle properties. This new treatment comes from Israel, and we are the only one in the area that uses it.


$  120

Facial with Peeling

$  130

Facial with Electro Knoll

$  140


Waxing is a safe and effective way to remove unwanted hair. We use hard wax for treatment. The options for men and women include:

Full Leg Waxing

$  70 from

Half Leg Waxing

$  35 from

Extended Bikini Wax

$  55 from

Brazilian Bikini / Brazilian Waxing

$  70 from

Bikini Line

$  35 from

Full Arm Wax

$  50 from

Half Arm Waxing

$  30 from

Under Arm Wax

$  30 from

Cheeks Waxing

$  30 from

Full Face Waxing

$  55 from

Chest Hair Removal

$  50 from

Back Hair Removal

$  50 from

Stomach Hair Removal

$  30 from

Face Hair Removal Waxing

You can get rid of unsightly facial hair with our facial hair removal treatment. We use a special wax from Europe that is both gentle and effective at clearing any area with hair on your face.

Eyebrow Waxing

$  25 from


$  15 from


$  15 from


$  30 from

Full Face

$  50 from
Malimor Skin Care

Eyelash Tinting, Eyebrow Tinting

Tinting adds color to the eyelashes and eyebrows, which enhances and beautifies your look.

Eyelash Tinting

$  35

Eyebrows Tinting

$  30

Eyelash Tint + Eyebrow Tint

$  60

Professional Wedding Make Up / Bridal Makeup

Makeup heightens your beauty. It makes you look and feel good. We take pride in providing professional makeup for all your events and occasions. Our services include:

  • Wedding makeup
  • Bridal makeup
  • Benefit makeup
  • Prom makeup and more

Application Make Up

$  80

Special Event Make Up

$  100
Malimor Skin Care